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Somax Store !! Original Women Period Pain Massager Device Dysmenorrhea Pain Relief Menstrual Analgesic Pain Electric heating
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
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1.Anti-scalding Hand: Adapting nano silver and graphene hot compress technology, it is warm and not hot.
2.Three-level Temperature Adjustment: It features three adjustable levels, one-button operation for comfortable temperature, warming and protecting your uterus.
3.Lightweight Waistband: Designed with only about 3 mm thick, it can't be seen in the clothes, and it doesn't affect the normal activities. The light clothes are close-fitting and not cumbersome.
4.Repeatable Washing: The entire belt can be machine washed and hand-washed, keeping clean and hygienic at all times, reducing bacterial infection and health.
5.More Portable: It distributes 5000 mAh mobile power, featuring small size, light weight, long battery life. It can also be used as a charging treasure.
1.Warm and protect uterus: It is light and portable, soft and skin-friendly, easy to operate, thermostatic and waterproof, with wormwood bag.
Name: Warm Uterus Belt
Color: Grey
Type: Basic-General Box,Basic-Power Supply
Heating Tempertures:45 degrees ( Blue light ) 55 degrees ( White light ) 65 degrees ( Red light )
Rated Voltage: 5V
Length: 94cm
Package Included:
1 x Uterus Warm Belt
1 x Powerbank
1 x Cable
Easy one-button control, gently tap to change the heating level, deliver the exact amount of heat desired for comfort and relief, cozy up to take the chill out and enjoy warmth.

1.In case of washing, make sure that the power bank is taken out from the battery pocketes.

Warm Belt Menstrual Period Pain Relieve

Three functions :

1. Warm uterus 2. Protects Waist 3. Warms Stomach

Product Features :

1. Three-gear heat temperature:

【green light】-- 40 ℃ -- Daily warm uterus 【 blue light 】-- 55 ℃ -- Menstrual period care 【 red light 】-- 60 ℃ -- Daily warm uterus

2. Graphene heating technology, It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and can rapidly heat up in 1-2 seconds. 3. Free wormwood medicine bag, with wormwood hot compress, can remove moisture and cold. 4. Light and easy to carry. 5. The warm palace belt can be washed with water and kept clean at any time, No risk of electric shock. 6. After the selected gear position, the warm palace belt is in a constant temperature state。After 30 minutes of high temperature, the smart switch to low temperature, avoiding long-term high temperature damage to the body.


Tips :

1. Do not insert the USB interface of this product into the mismatched adapter 2. Do not use it at bedtime. 3. Avoid prolonged use in the same place, and take care to confirm the skin condition, remove abnormal immediately. 4. It is forbidden to approach fire source, corrosive liquids and all kinds of unfavorable environment. 5. When washing, it is necessary to ensure that the mobile power supply has been taken out. After washing, the product must be thoroughly dried before it can be turned on and used. 6. Hand washing is recommended. Rinse with clean water after gentle hand rubbing and washing. Do not twist and dry naturally.

Packing list

【Free Gift】4pcs Wormwood Bag 【Free Gift】1*USB Charging Cable 1*Packing Box 1*Warm Palace Belt